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You and Me

April 23, 2006

Fireflies appeared at dusk
and it was just you and me.
Hold me tight, dear,
your arms surround me.

Trees sway under the starlit sky
past the city walls.
A junkyard of emotion,
you hold me close.

A long day’s work,
come escape with me.
The only truth ever told,
Love’s at its core.

Rolling waves with the wind,
the tide creeps in.
We are spinning in the undercurrent
of the deep blue sea.

Away from streetlights,
just you and me, babe.
You and me, I say,
just you and me.

**The line “junkyard of emotion, you hold me close” refers to God’s unconditional love as He never leaves your side even in the times when you’re a complete mess. As I kept writing this, it snowballed into a love song of sorts. Just as Christ loves His bride, a husband should love his wife. He will hold her still, even in all of her emotion. “A long day’s work, come escape with me” is God telling you to take some time with Him. Likewise, she is telling her husband to come by her side when he returns from working all day. So read it as you will…you and God or perhaps you and a lover.

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  1. April 25, 2006 4:22 am

    Yeah…me and God…no lover here 😀 That’s all she sadly wrote…BrownPS–I really actually am quite content…I love that God is my Husband…although if he gave me an earthly one as well I wouldn’t complain 😀

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