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Procrastination Slays Me; You Redeem Me

April 24, 2006

o time, you waste away
deadlines creep up
late nights and tired eyes
deadening of night consumes
the hours pass, tick-tock
papers, words, projects, empty thoughts
motivation, zilch
wishing my time were spent elsewhere
correct my thoughts
correct my actions
self-discipline, self-control
may the Spirit lead me
may the Spirit control me
excuese flee
laziness flee
temptation to procrastinate–resist!
redeem my time
by Your strength
by Your grace
by Your mercy
by Your power
all for You, all for You

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  1. April 25, 2006 4:07 am

    COOL! I love your poems! Oh, yes, procrastination often plagues me as well. But I don’t have all these silly papers, projects, and reading assignments…just other things of, organizing, reading nourishing books that I know would be good for me, but my slow-as-molasses reading style discourages me at times. Also putting off doing things for others that I think of…just as much a crime…well, take luck in that whole not procrastinating bit. The Lord will help usDO what we know we need and want to DO. Love ya! Brown

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