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Beyond the Surface

April 25, 2006


I’ve been reading through Leviticus and The Provacative Church. Both of which are teaching me many things.

Leviticus is not your fun-read per se; however, if you really dig deep it has so much to offer–Last night I read chapters 11-15 and became very overwhelmed by the number of rules, regulations, and procedures. Well, when looking closer, I realized that God’s not some aloof, power-driven dictator who created puppets to follow His every order. In fact, many of these procedures were simply for health purposes–for the people’s well-being. Before science had proven that germs existed and hands should be washed etc., God said it. Numerous times He said to wash, to separate the sick (“unclean”) from the rest of the camp, to be examined by the priest, etc. He called the people to isolate the disease and be cleansed, as not to contaminate others. Leviticus also explains what foods could or couldn’t be eaten. Pig was on the list of “not to eat.” Today we know that pig meat carries a lot of parasites and such which probably could have killed people if they were to have eaten it. Interesting indeed. Now reading in the commentary of my Bible this is simply a theory. I think it stands pretty good ground, however.

The Provacative Church…this has been quite a refreshing read–just reminding me of how important, how vital relationship is. Love for the church and love for people must exist. This comes easier to me it seems, as I genuinely love people and want to know them and hear their stories. On the other hand, I find my own story to be the issue at times. I’ve been challenged as I delve into the need for living a life that draws people in. Makes people question. Provokes others to want whatever it is that I have which has transformed me. Naturally more reserved, I often feel I am a bore to others– my insecurity lies in my desire to be more of an entertainer. Then people would be drawn in–right? False. God can use what He has made. He can use quiet people, who are better one-on-one, who prefer discussing things below the surface. I struggle with surface level conversations. Today the Lord gave three divine appointments to talk with friends I have not seen in months. No beating around the bush, we talked about matters of the heart. I loved it, they loved it– I suppose my issue remains on the surface of how to relate to people in the beginning. I like to be real, down to earth, honest, and sincere. So all this pish posh about the weather and who won the last football game etc…I just can’t relate so well. Now I’m just ranting and going off on a tangent….so people: Loving them and being a source of light that draws them to God–yes–that’s the ultimate purpose–bringing them to worship which brings glory to God.

Yesterday God gave me a great metaphor. He tends to do that a lot. One hour between work shifts, I moseyed on over to the church office to say hi to Sarah. Waiting in the George Bush/ Texas Ave. intersection to turn–you know–the crazy one that raises your blood pressure because of the chaos. Well, in the turn lane I sat calmly, watching everyone speed by in a hurry. Truly, pandemonium, people in a frinzy–so it seemed. Cars zoomed by, some looked as if they were headed straight for me. In the eye of the storm, I felt at peace. What a perfect image of what this life is like in Christ. Complete chaos in this world–some orderly and some not. All the while, the Lord sustains and brings peace. Everything around raced as with importance or rather no direction except fleeing from something with great urgency. I sat, calm and collected, in the arms of my Lord.

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