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Broken CD Player

April 25, 2006


street lights blurred and flared into long streaks tonight as the mist spinkled my window. how easily my perception skewed and my line of vision became hazy with a clouded outlook. my thoughts drifted in and out– time spent in the car always proves invaluable. whether crying out to God, searching my own heart, or simply accepting silence as a reprieve from work and school, this time provides opportunities for brilliant epiphanies.

the crisp air usually does one of two things: it either awakens me to a keen alertness or it paralyzes me with frigid stiffness. tonight, paralysis seemed to kick in. a beanie, gloves, and jacket didn’t suffice.

since my car cd player broke i find myself singing aloud most of the time–either that or tuning in to MPR until it becomes so liberal i can’t take it anymore. my car fights for KSBJ but half the time the lyrics weave in and out of “praise Jesus”..–to–..”homie-g-dog” gangster rap. i become more irritated attempting to hear “blessed be your name” than if i just shut the radio off, so sometimes i drive in silence. to my surprise, this time has been needed more than ever this semester. so many things plague my heart–sometimes i flat out have wrestling matches in my car. this is a good thing. some of the sweetest times i have during my day are spent with the Lord in my car. i suppose i can sacrifice my music for a few extra minutes in the car of silence before the Lord–it has worked out quite well thus far. …that’s not to say i don’t miss my cd player–b/c by all means–I do miss it! however, God is blessing my time I have to seek Him out while driving.

i sense the need to bask in God’s creation…when trapped in the city for too long i become antsy with desire to be free in nature. sometimes a park around town will just have to do, holding me over until my next trip to the beach or camping somewhere in the woods. honestly, the beauty of the Lord resides in His creation–and this is where my soul is set free.

tomorrow i shall observe in the classroom during TAKS…may the spirit of stress be cast off of those children and teachers! bring peace, Jesus, bring peace.

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