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It’s a Revolution, Baby

April 25, 2006


Dude, God’s been doing some intense work as of late. He has opened doors much bigger than I had ever imagined. He’s been answering prayers left and right–seriously–what an amazing God we have.

//churn, stir, engulf//

look inside the heart
a coffin with maggots
in need of cleansing

the gates of hell
the gates of heaven

scales stripped away
hearts, minds, eyes
seeing and hearing

the deceit of satan
the victory of God

demons rise up
angels surround
God triumphs

the curse of sin
the forgiveness of sin

hearts entangled
poisons consume
bondage enslaves

lies tie down
light sheds truth


so long, far off
wait patiently, it comes

faith rides in like the tide
the demons flee like the wind
a battle wages on

injustice remains
Hope remains

He Is
He Comes
The Alpha and the Omega


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