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Poor in Spirit

April 25, 2006


what a day indeed.

Tonight Tom Short talked to our Homegroup. He opened with some amazing testimonies of all the great things God’s doing around the world. God’s pouring out His spirit around the world, building up His church…some incredible stuff to think about. He reminded us to look beyond ourselves, obtaining an eternal perspective and a world perspective.

A question surfaced as to why America does not see more miracles as say Africa or some other foreign place. Something someone had told Tom regarding this question exists: Because Americans are not poor in spirit. Okay–so what does that mean? Define “poor in spirit.”

poor in spirit– knowing your spiritual poverty; knowing the depths of your need for God; not allowing yourself to be self-sufficient

Believers in other countries tend to know the power of prayer and they pray for everything–everything. They pray as if their prayers are going to make a difference. Here we can pray with apathy and little faith (“if it’s your will”). They pray with authority and desperation, crying out to God, knowing that God is the only answer and help. Here in America we can buy happiness or at least a substitute. If we’re sick we can take medicine. We don’t know real poverty and hunger. In these other places, all these people have is God. If He doesn’t come through with a miracle, then they may die. Here in America we are too self-sufficient–relying on ourselves, science, etc. Faith has diminished and we are no longer poor in spirit because we have allowed other things to substitute our need for God. What a deadly thing. Oh God, may we be desperate for You!

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