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Remembering a Car Ride

April 25, 2006

“…the bombs bursting in air…Okay, let’s sing togther from the beginning.” That ride from El Campo to Victoria always went by fast in the company of my mom and sister. I still recall the time Mom taught me the words to the Star Spangled Banner. What patience she had with me as a child (most of the time). I guess she supposed it was ’bout time for me to learn the words to our country’s National Anthem and was determined for me to learn them. The night settled in like fog in the morning. Marilyn drew pictures in the little notepad Mom kept in her car for us. We traveled the roads in glorious singing that night–o how I can still hear Mom’s sweet voice ringing like the sound of chapel bells, so heavenly. Sometimes the thing I miss most about her is when she spoke. It was like a gentle rain. Comforting sound, a mother’s voice. Soothes from the inside.

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