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Sweat, Beauty

April 25, 2006


The rhythmic pattering of my feet gliding across the terrain kept my breathing steady. Tomato skin–sunburned or overheated–I’m not exactly sure. A sweat broke out and my muscles stretched as they exercised–a rejuvenating feeling indeed. Wind alleviated the heat and exhaustion. I never used to like running, although I participated on the Track team (well, in junior high–that hardly counts). Running today, I realized that I never enjoyed running until my senior year of high school when I began running out of no obligation to a team. I am not one for competition except within myself. I recall one night when Ray explained how he loved to compete with himself and would try to beat his own time. I couldn’t help but chuckle because I completely understood the honesty of it. I suppose I can enjoy running these days simply because I choose not to compete with anyone other than myself. It’s a time to get away, be alone, exercise, pray, push myself forward, relieve stress, the likes. I don’t really see running as a social thing unless I can run with someone that keeps the slow and steady pace like myself–or maybe if they run a tad faster as to keep me challenged and moving onward.

Wisps of hair framed her face and the twinkle in her eye spoke of purity and youth. Beautiful indeed–only she didn’t know it, nor did she believe it. I often think things like this when I witness the insecurity of women. They are beautiful. So many lies they believe. So many lies this world speaks to them. If only they (I should say “we”) could see how God sees them. Ha–oh how I speak this to myself as well. We all experience those times of insecurity, no doubt. Sometimes a woman just needs to hear that she is beautiful.

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