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’tis a glimpse

April 25, 2006


the day dragged on in what i suppose we call incessant fog and/or mist…the sun never really came out. i suppose i wouldn’t have known if it had anyhow, being couped up in the cell all day at work. 9 hours is rough especially after 3 hours of observation in the classroom. these days just drag on. praise God for laughter. tonight the hallways in koldus echoed with laughter from ashley and me. the garage filled with cars keeping us busy all night–no reading accomplished– no, however, much needed laughter. because of TAKS i was dismissed early today, so i had the opportunity to come home for a few hours before the taxing nine hours. i busted out the guitar and flute. it was either that or the books–and well, my soul just couldn’t take the books today.

i long to see my family–my sister called tonight. so good to hear her voice. truly. i regretted that my time was divided between “One-fifty, please,” and “So are you excited for Prom and graduation?” However, the conversation was lovely. i hope to return home for spring break and hit the Guadalupe River with my sister. i haven’t been tubing in ages–one of my favorite past times as a child. here’s a vignette i wrote a while ago:

ConCan, Texas

The water rushed between my toes, sweeping up the bread with it. Regardless, the minnows continued coming, simply accepting my toes as food without the bread. The water crept closer, then finally seeping into my shorts. Cold. Wet. However, refreshing. I inched closer as to sit in the shallow shoreline of the river. The minnows fled. I ran my fingers through the gravel, sporadically picking up rocks. I rummaged through several until I found one that satisfied my demands for what looked like a good skipping rock. Content. I stood up and aimed with much precision and then threw the rock across to the other side watching it skip perfectly in a manner of three trials. A slight breeze soared by, gently rustling my hair while providing a revitalizing boost of energy from a sudden chill.

I never finished– ’tis a glimpse.

Occasionally i dream of going back to those days for a brief time, just to remember the simplicity of life. to remember my mom. the moment lasts but for an instant and then i lapse back to the present. the Lord has taken me on many journeys: some adventurous, some trying, some monumental, some tragic. however, He remains constant and has sought me through it all. o how the Lord restores– thank you, Lord, for filling any void.

“You give and take away…my heart will choose to say, ‘Blessed be Your name!'”

Love –something of tremendous depth and purity– when in Christ

I was rummaging through some old writings and seem to have gotten on a vignette-kick. here’s one i wrote for my 10th grade enlgish class–now this really takes me back:


Hey! I’ve got an idea. Let’s make a clubhouse, I say.

No, we did that yesterday, he replies.

Okay, let’s play on the trampoline?

Dyanne, Randy, time to eat, Mom yells.

We sit up, and I toss the grass I was playing with on the ground. Randy makes his last wish and blows the rest of the dandelion into the air. We run across the yard, racing.

I can smell the doughnuts before I get to the door. My mom always makes homemade doughnuts in the summer. Randy and I sit in the living room with our lunch on the tv-tray. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We live for our Ninja Turtles. Donatello is mine. Michelangelo is Randy’s. And April, the reporter, she’s my hero.

Hurry, turn it up, Randy says. And he points to the remote as he pokes at his grilled cheese sandwich.

I turn it up and scoot to the edge of the couch. I can’t miss a second.

Hey! That was mine, Marilyn protests.

I look at Randy to see the doughnut he snatched from my sister. My mouth waters, so I hurry to finish my lunch. Doughnuts. That’s all I can think about.

Finally, Mom comes in to bring us dessert. She swaps our plates for two doughnuts each. Yum, yum.

As she walks by, I can smell her perfume. She is wearing my favorite scent this week.

We finish eating and decide to go back outside. This time we go out the front, searching for new things to do.

Randy says, Let’s pick berries, maybe my mom will make us a pie.

I head towards the field. It separates our houses. I love the field. It’s our racetrack for my go-cart. It’s our kick-ball field. Our playground. Our fun. Our imagination. Our adventure.

We get to the edge of the fence, and I walk in the brush behind my house. I always go first. Randy wipes the sweat from his forehead and follows. I watch for snakes. I’m in shorts. High adventure in the jungle.

We don’t get far before we hear the ice-cream man. I quit reaching for the berries I had my eyes on and swing around. Randy is already off and running towards the street.

We are too late. I don’t have a dollar anyway.

Hey, do ya here that?

The neighbors fighting again.

Randy and I hide behind Steve’s truck and listen to them bat it out.

Randy stands up finally. I uncross my legs and we make our way back home.

There will be no hide-and-go-seek tonight. It’s the last night of summer. Tomorrow is school. Sigh.

We play in my garage. Fiddle with the dartboard. Dance to music. Then my mom calls me in to take a bath. See ya around, Randy, I say.

Randy parades across our field back to his house. There goes my best friend. I look at the sunset and hear the nature around me. Freedom ends tomorrow. I’m growing up. I go inside and shut the door.

Summer doughnuts. Ninja Turtles. Friendship. Childhood. Summer. Life’s simplicities kept me content.

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