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Vicotry, Amen

April 25, 2006


I guess I haven’t been very diligent in naming my entries…maybe I’ll start. There’s always a first for everything.

And today I learned how to fight. Not physically of course (ha, I can see it now–me kicking someone to the ground??–ha) No, I took one more step in the spiritual battle. The long haul. The invisible yet blatantly obvious once recognized. The most misunderstood. The subtle, persistant fight in the spiritual realm. The fight for your soul. The fight for your joy. The fight for your strength. The fight for your heart. The fight for your life.

Breaking ground, I recognized the attack from the start. The attack of depression. It’s been a long journey, but once the Lord teaches you how to fight, it’s a win-win situation. The attacks come in different forms and fashions. Some sudden and strong. Others ease their way in like the tide–those usually are the harder ones to detect.

Today it was sudden. Recognize it. Capture it. Renounce it. Give it to the Lord. Satan has no right to my soul, nor to my joy– in the name of Jesus! Victory is won. Amen! And it was! Selah!

“May the joy of the Lord be your strength.”

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