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Woe to Meaninglessness

April 25, 2006


Tonight the long, drawn-out yawns invaded me as I worked and then drove home. You know–the ones that relax the entire body, deliver oxygen to your brain. The ones that make you blink way too many times afterwards in order to remove the tears. Once they start they keep on coming, like waves. Those are the ones.

Here I have fallen prey to doing what I didn’t want to do–talking about my day rather than solely the things God is teaching me. I suppose, the context of my life shall help one to understand the things God reveals to me. Hence, I shall speak of my day.

This morning the alarm went off. No sound of singing birds. Laid my head back down–I knew then it was a rainy day. Woke late– justified by my late night I suppose.

Work drew near. I had to stand out at Reed for the basketball game today, taking people’s money– in the rain no less. I feel bad doing it sometimes. But I do it because that’s my job. The first hour no cars approached, so I sang out loud (literally) with all my heart, songs of praise to the Lord. As people began appraoching I wondered how so many people could enjoy going to game after game after game. Especially these older folk that all they live for is Aggie tradition, sports, and spirit. What a waste. I guess I’d much rather go have a good conversation over coffee, cuddle up in front of a fire and read with some soft music in the background (say Norah Jones), go stargazing, or walk the shoreline. Or journal for that matter. People watch. I suppose a game now and then can be fun–just not my preference. Hats off to the ones who love it. Seriously. It gives me a job anyway.

I read through Ecclesiastes tonight. Sometimes I feel like the “teacher” who claims, “Meaningless! Meaningless! Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.” And it is, outside of Christ. I love that Job contrasts with Ecclesiastes yet comes to the same question and conclusion: Job suffers greatly and questions the meaning of life while the “teacher” has great wealth and yet still questions the meaning of life; both come to conclude that men must fear God and keep His commandments.

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