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End of Semester Blues

April 26, 2006

i love how the end of the semester always tests your character… all the pressures, late nights, deadlines… everything piles up as it has been snowballing all semester and then comes crashing down on you at the end… one last sha’bang for good measure. right. anyhow, it definitely stretches you and tries you…even rubs you like sandpaper. praise God for grace-giving roommates. tonight we all discovered our own tendencies to be frustrated, irritated, and pushed too far. but there was never a cross word and in fact, we laughed about it. we stayed up later than we should have and just hung out. that’s the spirit–allowing the spirit to control instead of your flesh. o but the temptation was so strong–tired and stressed, we all wanted to be irritated about something (rent, planning, money, bills, dishes, where we’ll go for our weekend venture, etc). but God gave us grace and the ability to walk in the spirit. what an amazing thing: life by the spirit.

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  1. April 27, 2006 4:40 am

    When life gives you snowballs… have a snowball fight! (But no head shots!)

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