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What I learn-ed

April 29, 2006

Some things I’ve been learning:

We are not above temptation. Walking in the Spirit is imperative.

God is a God of order and focus. He’s not gonna throw a bunch of stuff at you and say, “Good luck with that.” He works in seasons, themes, and has a definite focus–He’s not scatterbrained. This is why it’s so important to reflect on what He’s done, what He’s taught you, and what He’s going to do. Looking back, I see all the things He’s taught me throughout the semester/summer/year and then I ask Him what He is going to do in the upcoming months. This has had a tremendous impact on my walk with Him. Reflection is needed often.

“You are slow to warm up and fast to retreat. Not slow to warm up as in you are stuck-up, but that it takes you some time to really feel comfortable around people.” This is definitely true. “However, God continues to open you up more and more and helps you to be more confident in who you are.” This is also true. I’ve seen how the Lord has continued to grow my confidence in Him and has helped me to overcome certain insecurities along the way; this has been a season of uprooting many insecurities. I’m still forging onward, allowing Him to continue digging up these poisons that hinder and then replacing these weeds with His love. Beautiful, yes. A process, most certainly.

The fear of the Lord does not mean fright or terror; rather, a good relationship with God in that it is based on reverence and respect for him and his commands.

Brief highlights from the semester:
*God’s been teaching me self-control, growing that fruit (esp. in the area of food)
*Getting my heart in the right place for missions and ministry and such
*Contentment in singleness
*Joy in the Lord is my strength, growing the fruit of joy
*Learning to fight depression; claiming victory and having deliverance, amen!
*Discovering the dire need to meet people where they are at; to love as He loves.
*God’s patience is not slowness as we understand it, but His patience means salvation.
*Understanding the huge foothold that unforgivenness gives to the enemy
*Laying my burdens down because the weight of the world is too much to carry alone
*Revival in intercession…carrying others into the presence of God
*Claiming a garment of praise over me
*Learning to appreciate the different mindsets (cause, community, corporate) and not just the ones that I am strongest in; also learning to appreciate and to love through different love languages (esp. ones that are not my number one–service…o but God has been growing this area…slowly but surely)
*He’s been growing my patience, growing this fruit–giving me a longer fuse; teaching me how to be patient with others and still love.
*Uprooting insecurities; helping me tap into some of my talents and sharing them with others
*Learning how much we really do have a choice when tempted…how important it is to allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide and give you power over your flesh, the world, and Satan
*Recognizing attacks and seeing the link to ministry in some cases
*Spontaneity in the Lord…not floating amoeba
*Having a focus…listening to God and hearing from Him…what does He want me to pray for…what is He wanting to do…
*Learning more and more how love is a choice and involves commitment and sacrifice
*Having an appreciation and even affinity for the Old Testament (dang boy that’s some good stuff!)
*Asking to be a key to fit into the locks of others as to reach out and speak to their hearts
*Brokenness for the lost…the nations…the immediate…
*Greater understanding of humble servitude and leadership
*Learning even more about submission
*Continually admiring and observing how the Lord orchestrates things so perfectly
*Everything, everything is in His perfect timing
*To be the willing volunteer–not the hesitant one or the overly ambitious one
*Not doing something can be disobedient but doing too much is just as much of a sin
*Don’t allow emotions to drive you–they are not the say all end all
*Choosing to do what God says and not falling into the vice of trying to meet my own expectations or the assumed expectations of others

Whew, God’s done a lot this semester! What an overflow! Praise you, Lord! Hallelujah!


Something I learned tonight:
“Mexican food and blueberry muffins: Those are mexiberry burps– bluesican burps.” That one’s for you, Sarah (and David).

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