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Leaving to Stay

May 5, 2006

Listening to some blues…

Tears for my dad today…nothing fits his spiritual state better than this song…I cry every time I hear him sing it with the guitar. I realized what the lyrics were saying about a year ago and I wept as he sang this with more conviction than I ever knew. O Lord! Bring my dad to your feet! Hallelujah! Lord, You are good. You are good! I believe you– for your glory will shine as my dad comes back to You as the prodigal son did! Selah!

“Leaving To Stay” Jonny Lang

I can’t believe in what I’ve seen
I been forsaken. I been deceived
Cast aside and left behind
I can’t believe my own eyes

I been waiting for the glory
Of the coming of the Lord
I heard a lot of stories
But all my prayers have been ignored
I been waiting in the wings
Between the ocean and the shore
But this time I’m leaving to stay
I’m walking away

I seen the red sky in the morning
I seen the low tide slipping away
I do believe I’ll take warning
Taking my leave to stay

Like an angel afraid to fly
Like the last lonely rose hung on the vine

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