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The Great Escape

May 5, 2006

Mary and I escaped to the ocean…we had been planning to go since last semester and desired to go long before…so we finally nailed down a date for this semester and pushed through to finally make our way out to sea.

After our scavenger hunt for HG party, we bailed…leaving behind my camera [as it was used for the scavenger hunt]. I imagine the surprise of people’s faces when we were no where to be found and all that remained was my camera. tee-hee. We made a pit stop by the church office to leave a note for Sarah and use the restrooms and then hit the road. Late into the night we drove, open space, no traffic.

We arrived around 1:20am and parked it on the beach. We had the entire beach to ourselves…freedom at last! We spent the next few hours exploring the beach, walking the shoreline, barefoot and elated. So surreal. Roaring ocean. Salty air. Whipping wind. Sound of crashing waves. Sandy toes. Night crabs. Overcast sky with a few stars in sight. It was absolutely glorious!

Took off running down the coast, the wind blowing something furious and the waves wetting us to our knees. All I could do was smile.

God’s character shone through more and more as I witnessed the ocean, His creation. Something so powerful yet so peaceful. The paradoxes roll out… so dangerous yet a safe haven. Constant, like God, the waves just conitnue day in and day out.

Mary and I slept in my car that night. We didn’t mind. Loved it actually. The best part of waking up was hearing that beastly beaut of an ocean [not Folger’s in your cup].

Time to reflect, journal, sing. Rising sun. Storm blowin’ in, blowin’ out. Little rain never hurt nobody. Sun coming out. Feeding the birds. Busting open a coconut washed up on shore [rotten coconut milk smells wretched by the way]. Shells. Crabs. Jellyfish. Sunbathing. Walking the beach. Playing in the sand. “Endless possibilities at the beach.”

Loaded up and headed home around 4pm…drove through a Houston thunder storm– hail, lightening and all–fantastic. Driving out of it only to see an absolute truth of God’s promise to never flood the earth again: a rainbow. Brilliant colors and it was a double rainbow at that! Such a blessing!

God put Psalm 93 on my heart for this roadtrip…

1The LORD reigns, he is robed in majesty;
the LORD is robed in majesty
and is armed with strength.
The world is firmly established;
it cannot be moved.

2 Your throne was established long ago;
you are from all eternity.

3 The seas have lifted up, O LORD,
the seas have lifted up their voice;
the seas have lifted up their pounding waves.

4 Mightier than the thunder of the great waters,
mightier than the breakers of the sea—
the LORD on high is mighty.

5 Your statutes stand firm;
holiness adorns your house
for endless days, O LORD.

Long night ahead, studying ’til 2am and talking with Sarah ’til 3:30am…only to wake at 6:30am for my final. Awoohoo…no need for coffee…delirium had set in. Sarah and I slept in the church office on the floor using pillows and blankets from my beach trip. Ha…Sarah said, “Hey everyone, you didn’t come to the lock-in! Only Dyanne showed up…” O Sarah, she’s a funny one. =)


Some words from my Granny (7.12.02):

I have a special role to play in your life. I have never made you a home-made birthday cake, but think how many S’mores we have made. I have never brought you a dress, but I did buy you your first rod and reel. I have never taught you how to do your hair, but I taught you it was O.K. to wear the wet look in the river, pool, and ocean. I have never done your nails, but I have held your tan, sandy hand as I taught you how to walk upon the sand beside our sea.

So because you are mine and I am yours, I wish for you these eternal things: May all your sands be firm, waves gentle, seas smooth, winds soft, and suns warm. If they aren’t, seek God and His special harbor when the storms of life come, and they will come. I hope that I have taught you in some little way how to make it through your “Oceans of Emotions.”

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