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Weeping Willow

May 5, 2006

Mary and I were talking about how much we love Weeping Willows.

One day I’d like to find a really huge one, like the one at my Grandma’s old house, and read under its canopy. There’s something peaceful and almost lethargic about the Willow. I used to sit under its branches as a little girl, pretending that it was a hidden cove out by the park. I’d gaze out at the pond, watching the ducks glide across the water. I knew it’s peace then and I desire it today. May I rest under your branches o Willow?

“Oh, Atlanta” Alison Krauss

Same old place Same old city What can I do? I’m falling in love I’m just an old hound dog Roaming around, oh Lord I’ve got all this and Heaven above Oh, Atlanta I hear you calling I’m coming back to you one fine day No need to worry There ain’t no hurry cause I’m On my way back to Georgia On my way back to Georgia I get a feeling in me When I remember all those crazy days and crazier nights Can’t you hear the music playing? You must have heard them saying We’re gonna rip ’em up and light up the night

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