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Early Mornings

June 9, 2006

Waking early proves a hard discipline for me; however, the rewards and intrinsic value from such a discipline are ten fold. Yesterday I woke at 5:30 for a long hike with Chelsy, Amy, and Angee. What a glorious day it was indeed.

Across the placid water lies and unshaken tree line pertruding from the ground. This wall of green pine blankets the mountain side part way up. Above the tree tops the snow covered peaks appear–rugged and alluring. As the wind picks up, the sound of lapping water meets my ears. A lone deer grazes in the meadows, coming down to the water for an early morning drink. The air, slightly chilled, seeps down to my bones–while the sun rises and begins to warm the land. Singing birds sprinkle the song of nature along with the buzzing bees and croaking frogs. Crystal clear, the lake water ripples along, the grass swaying with the current of life. Surrounded by beauty, I bask in God’s creation and love. Looking to the heavens, a sky so blue with clouds paited here and there. Rocks perched out of water and along the shorline–ancient and hard pressed over time with stripes of minerals and endurance of time sealing them. Here upon this rock, overlooking the lake, I cast my fear to the sky. I jourey where no other has gone and I walk hand in hand with my Creator. O how I look upon this land with such satisfaction as how God looks upon his children with delight. A Mallard duck floats by, content with the stillness and peace of the land. He is by far the happiest duck I’ve ever spotted. For a moment I felt that I could be that duck gliding along the water’s surface without a care in the world.

Today I woke once more to hike out to Bible Point with Chelsy. You can’t beat two and a half solid hours with the Lord in the mountains as the start of your day…looks like PM shifts won’t be so bad afterall.

Hiked to Bible Point, a good morning walk–just enought to break a sweat. Lord, this place speaks of your splendor. This morning I had my first elk sighting–four grand creatures grazing in the fields. Along the path I spotted the most beautiful tihng: an elk prancing through the woods as if he were royalty. His white rear end gave him away. It’s like a target saying, “Here I am…in case you couldn’t spot me.” Lord, you are funny. Waking at 5:30 has been so refreshing. Thank you for helping to wake me.

The wind roaring all around me; thankfully I have found a cove to shelter me fromt eh balst of chilled air while I can continue looking out to the mountain range.

“I will wait in the cleft of the mountain for you to pass by. Will you come and meet with me?”
I sang this as I knew you were there, meeting with me.

The other night I sang this song with Macie and Stephen as we worshiped together, late into the night. Sitting there on the railing of the porch I staired out to the silhouetted mountains and the night sky–quite a sight. The breeze blew gently and our singing carried me away. The Lord engulfed me and for the next hour I knew there was no where else I’d rather be. Lord, you are so good to us and speak sweet-nothings in our ears–you draw us to you while you ardently pursue us. Selah.

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