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The Feminist Mistake

August 24, 2006

Something I am passionate about is the issue of men and women roles…

I remember the first time I read through Proverbs 31 I threw the Bible across the room, as I was angry with the role and expectations God had on me as a woman. I really WAS a feminist in many ways. Through God’s gentleness, correction in love, and biblical truth I have swung to the other side where I have become super passionate about seeing men and women take hold of their God-given roles and to develop in the way God desires!

I’ve seen how feminism and other issues have cuased so much confusion in the roles men and women are to be in…geneder crisis…satan has caused havoc among people: men trying to be women, women trying to be men, homosexuality, cross dressers, dominating women, passive men, etc. …it’s a modern day Rome!

I know my project had talked about the issue of submission during LT and a good talk it was–that talk led me to the issue of our roles. Such a word as “submission” can have a bad connotation, but like most things, our world and flesh have taken this word and distored it, corrupted and abused it. Coming under Christ’s rule is the only way to understand the freedom in such a practice.

Rummaging thorugh a Christian bookstore I cam across this reading on Feminism. I wanted to pass along the title to those of you who might be interested in studying up on th every critical and prevalent issue within our culture today.

The Feminist Mistake: The Radical Impact on Feminism on Church and Culture by: Mary Kassian

I have only read through page 80 but wow is it ever interesting and informative. It’s a pretty analytical and dry book but this topic makes my blood race…

Kassian states, “First, I believe that feminism has drawn attention to critical problems that exist for women in society and in the church. In this work I am not so much debating th evalidity of the questions that feminists have posed, but rather seeking to evaluate the validity of the answers. Second, in order to understand the interactiong between secular feminist theory and religious feminist theology, one must be aware of th epolitical climate in which the current wave of feminism originated…”

Kassian goen on to state further points she will address throughout the book, “This book examines the historical development of feminism and explores the lineage and interrelationship of its secular and religious veins. When the movement is studied chronologically, from a historical perspective, one can observe an overarching pattern: Feminism began with the deconstruction of a Judeo-Christian view of womanhood; progressed to the deconstruction of manhood, gender relationships, family/societal structures, and a Judeo-Christian worldview; and concluded with the concept of metaphysical pluralism, self-deification, and the rejections of the Judeo-Christian deity.”

Kassian recognizes that “over the past decade, the ideas of feminism have been popularized and integrated into societal thought. Consequently, it has become difficult to distinguish feminism as a philosophy distinct from mainstream thought.”

Let’s be more aware of the issues at hand; let’s be knowledgeable and able to stand for God’s biblical truths in love.

From what I have read, this is a good source to learn about the movement of feminism and its impact on our culture.

Other great books that open your eyes to the way God has created men and women are: Captivating (stasi and john eldredge) and Wild at Heart (john eldredge)

Find some time to study up on this…may we make a difference for God’s kingdom and glory! Selah!

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  1. September 18, 2006 2:03 pm

    Hi, You may want to check this article out

  2. September 19, 2006 6:10 pm

    One thing to keep in mind is that so many women remain in abusive relationships precisely because they haven’t obtained a means of supporting themselves. I see it all the time. L&P(Uncle Buck)

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