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as winter approaches…

November 17, 2006

Things here are super busy–trudging through classes and continuing to go to work…however, on the side of God, He is doing amazing things here!

God is bringing revival and it is soooo exciting! The other day a girl was riding her bike through the rain and she took a hard fall, scraping up her legs real bad and mangling her toes. She went into the MSC (student’s center) and some people came up to her and asked if they could pray over her…they started praying that Jesus would heal her and her wounds slowly sealed up and she said she could feel her toes going back into place…amazing! God healed her right then and there! Holla!

I have several crazy testimonies similar to that…the other day I was going to a concert and wanted to see if I could get a donated ticket but they didnt’ have any. I could either buy my ticket right then or come back right before the concert and see if anyone had donated his ticket and if not then buy my ticket. The Lord convicted me of always wanting instant gratification and told me to wait. Even though I wanted to buy my ticket right then, I decided to go outside for an hour and journal…when I returned I asked if anyone had donated a ticket and no one had. So I got in line–questioning God–and even had my credit card out. Then, out of nowhere, some older gentleman came up to me and handed me an envelope. He said, “Ma’am, do you need a ticket? Because I have an extra one. Here you go.” What?! God is crazy! All in His timing–His perfect timing! He’s such a provider!

Something a friend sent me:

here is the link to the guy (Daniel's) blog.
all you need to do is read
the blog entries on his main page,
staring with the one that says "READ
FIRST"(imagine that, eh?). if you peruse
the blog archive there are several
more interesting ones, especially one that
is a dream he had about the
current generation of young people getting
on fire for God, miracles, etc.

watch the's really good--
the deception of beauty in our culture:

http://fearlesslyfe minine.blogspot. com/

Another blog I came across:

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