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Green Tea on the Roof and Beautiful Sunsets

November 18, 2006

The other night Macie and I were walking back to our cars when Macie recognized a guy she had seen earlier that week out at Tom Short. She introduced herself and we started talking. His name is Dan. Anyhow, we ended up talking for a while and he invited us over for some tea before I had to part for work. We accepted the offer and headed for his apartment across the way.

We walked up the steps to the third floor, admiring the architecture of the building which reminded us of Maine from the Northeast. There should have been a dock somewhere, a beach in the background, seaguls overhead, the smell of the sea, and the taste of salt in the air. However, all we had were the blue portholes and a field of grass.

Before we knew it, we were drinking hot tea on the roof of his apartment complex, looking out at the beautiful sunset as the cool breeze soothed us all… such an amazing God we have! Truly!

…the wind blew ferociously, sending the amber blades of grass in ripples that glistened in the sun as if ripples and waves of pure golden rays of ocean. Breathtaking.

I’ve had writer’s block for quite some time… the urge to write has begun to creep up in my bones once again… soon, I shall have time again to write. But for now, I must keep it short. ‘Tis a glimpse of life’s little blessings… spontaneity and adventure had beckoned me as I sipped that hot tea in the cool evening. The lure of God’s creation romanced my heart and at that moment I knew I was made for this. For life by the Spirit. A life willing to give up everything in order to follow the One who created me. Praise the Lord for His leading.

After days of longing for more of the Lord, I have come to find that the more I have of Him, the more I want. He is the only One that satisfies, and yet in some way I am still left hungry–craving Him more and more as I discover the depths of Him. Thus, the ultimate love story…for my Maker is my husband (Is. 54).

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