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Barefoot Worship

October 7, 2007

This past weekend I spent a good amount of my time in worship. While at a wedding which most certainly could have been only business mixed with stress, I found it to be otherwise– everything seemed to be some form of praise and worship to the Lord. Kara and David’s wedding proved absolutely beautiful and God glorifying.

Saturday morning was spent frolicking in the grass, relaxing in a hammock, and sitting on the back porch with some of Kara’s family and others. While Yancy, Kara’s dad, grilled 130 lbs. of chicken for the reception, we remained in great conversation and eventually in song. Our feet dangled from the table, and a freeness, an abandonment that only Christ can bring settled over me.

Recently, there has been a new song released that is quite powerful. Yancy introduced this to us with his most resonating, strong voice. A-ccapella, we rejoiced in song with the East Texas breeze sweeping across the land, blue skies, scenes of wedding tents and chairs, a green pond, and above all the presence of other lovers of the Lord. Nothing to keep beat but our own soul and the rhythmic clapping…we lifted up the Lord that morning in high spirits.

In the midst of a day that many would deem as stressful, we found utmost peace and joy. Many feet shuffled the floor. Barefoot in the grass. Everything came together beautifully and the Body, a most intimate convening.

A powerful song which touched my heart…download for free:

[Right click on “Jesus is the Lord” audio and click “save link as”]

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