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Safe Harbors

December 19, 2007

Thinking back on the days leading to my surrender, I found myself singing my own requiem… walking down, a slow death. Those days seemed to grow dimmer and dimmer—any light proved bright. So far gone, only a greater power could rescue me.

Lackadaisical, her feet dangling in a quaint stream hidden in the shelter of the woods, she silently mourns. Aloneness surrounds her and yet a gentle breeze seems to speak to her as if to say, “I am here with you.” Tears hit the water, mixing unnoticeably—moreover she blends with the inattentive crowd buzzing away with shallow talk of the day. As if a stone feeling the water rush around without a second glance, so people pass her by. She wastes away slowly, only no one knows, for it happens over time with increments too small to note. Similar to that of a child you live with and then one day you realize he’s grown to your size. The monster inside becomes too much to hide any longer.

She awakens one morning to the sound of a hopeful bird, a song so sweet she felt herself beckoned to another world—one filled with no pain, no tears. Could there be such a place or only one hoped for but never created? No such place, she thinks. How could there be in all honesty? Yet the hunger grew with intensity.

Searching with no direction. Thus the course of a year she was a ship steering the course of the sea with no destination in mind save a safe harbor.

As a friend once said, “I didn’t fall in love but I found Love itself. I didn’t find my way but I had it shown to me.” A tiny seed of hope grew and the light beckoned me. He guided the ship with a light. He is my compass.

He drew me into safe harbors. Refuge at last. An anchor for my soul. No longer a tortured soul…peace at last.

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