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A Poet’s Hand, Rambling

January 3, 2008

Rambling tonight…

“You are my daughters. I love you. You have asked great things,” said the Lord. I heard this after an amazing prayer time with my friend Christina.


I long for you at night
as the caged bird longs to fly.
There’s a freedom between us that ignites
and the moon sings just for us.
We’ll soar through this night.


There’s a mingling in my heart
Love speaks loudly
Truth concurs with love and reconciles wounds to itself
War rages on but peace marches in
Scars become nothing more than testimonies
Ointment smooths itself over the wounds
Soothing to my heart
Lathered up in truth and love
Only His touch heals
His hand alone restores
My heart rests soundly with Him


There’s something so beautiful about the tree lines in a winter sky. There’s almost a gray glaze or fog that settles ever so peacefully. Crisp air and the sharpness of cold winds invigorate… Melancholy pushes through with each outline of barren trees silhouetted by the dimmed lighting. Open field bordered by a trim of restful trees.

Seasons. I long for seasons. In Texas we do not have the joy of experiencing the changing seasons. Being up North has been refreshing to say the least.


In time, Your desires and dreams become mine.


Your words must be gentle, your touch with pursuit. Behind this face lies a tender heart accustomed to pain. Strong I’ve become, broken I am. Put together once again by Christ and rendered anew. Let your words be like honey–a taste so sweet. Let your love be like milk–nourishing and pure. I am a lover, no doubt, desiring to love and be loved.


I wrote this awhile ago, about no one in particular–but rather a longing that most all of us can identify with–a longing to love and find the one for us. We all experience these feelings–in the end, the Lord must be our rock and number one lover. When the Lord graces us with a companion, we must realize that we’ve been given a great gift to cherish and love deeply. That I do long for. Until then, I wait.

What am I to you,
just a face in the crowd?
Shifting eyes and retracted speech,
am I eyes you desire to meet?

My mind ponders your movements,
longing to know the depth beyond.
My heart awaits the day–
the day to love recklessly,
abandoned and free.
Why must time pass with no speed?

Patience has forsaken me.
Indeed, my soul cries to love.
A daily surrender, these feelings.
Grace to a longing heart, my Lord.

Why your thoughtful ways?
Why your strength and confidence?
Why your handsome smile and sincere eyes?
Why adventure at your feet?
And wisdom beyond measure?
O, why?

Lord, he is your’s, all your’s.
Handcrafted and sculpted…
He is your’s.
O Lord, will you share him with me?
Open palms is how we must hold the ones we love.

Be the strength of my heart, Lord.
Still my heart.
Keep my heart at bay.

Be the match-maker, Lord.
Weave my story;
you are the author.
Guard my heart.
Protect me.
Orchestrate everything,
so beautifully as you do.

I surrender.
He is your’s.
I am your’s.

O, and you are mine!


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