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"Refrain of Hope"

January 22, 2008

…so here’s a song i wrote today…maybe i’ll get it recorded soon. i actually have music to this one…it’s my first!

Okay, so let me explain this picture b/c i know it’s kind of weird. Basically, after seeing “Across the Universe” I was inspired by the big strawberry. I wanted to depict the sweetness of life along with the deep melody of sorrow that we all hear in life. The strawberry weeps…images of life surround and really, it’s just a simple and nostalgic scene. (some of the images i got from one of jolie holland’s music videos). also, i put these pictures on here b/c they go along with the lyrics to the song that i wrote.


“Refrain of Hope”

there was a girl
she was so sad
poured coffee in the morning
tea in the afternoon
whiskey by the evening

there was a man
he was so sad
so he sang a song
heartbroken and alone
he sang his tears away

there was a child
she was so sad
grew up in a home
so violent and cold
bound for the streets was she

there was a world
it was so sad
filled with weeping
so it sang of mourning
and hope was its refrain

so it sang of mourning
and hope was its refrain

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