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Waiting in Transition

May 1, 2008

written March 15…a little late in posting.

i share this b/c i know so many of you can relate…

…and so goes the job hunting…

My life seems to be a little nebulous right now. No specific plans. I just want to love the Lord, follow Him, and be with people I love. Sure, there are dreams and even goals in between all that, but ultimately, it’s about knowing Him and making Him known. So, as anyone has to, I’m still waiting on God, while taking steps in directions I think may have an open door, but mostly, waiting and resting in Him.

During this time, I am finding a power in surrender and a power in rest. A peace that settles over me like never before. I know He has great plans for my life– even if I can’t foresee them.

Here’s a little something I wrote a few weeks ago:

// upon this mount I wait
eager for Your arrival
You will not delay
and yet time passes away

You say, “abide in me”
so everyday I try to just be
ever so graceful
one who drinks, so thankful

a hunger deep inside
one which cannot hide
o, how I wait for the end
so I continue to contend

yes, i wait for a mate
but he, You can always take
my hope is in You
for we who are in You are too few

yes, i wait for my dreams
which always seem to bust at the seams
as i delight in You, to start
You give the desires of my heart

yes, i wait for security
while desiring my heart’s purity
money only steals a man’s soul
true treasures lie in Heaven’s bowl

yes, i wait for justice to prevail
my heart cries out in travail
love trumps and mercy speaks
the Lord is for keeps

yes, i wait to be a mom
and with a dog named Tom (not really that name)
children, whom I’ll hold with open palms
for they, too, are the Lord’s as if alms

yes, i wait to make a difference
not some mundane indifference
He gives purpose to my life
even through all the strife

yes, i wait for all these and more
be so kind as to wash them ashore
Lord, come to me
tell me what you see

it’s You I seek
all through my week
it’s You whom I love
and I, whom you love//

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