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Photo Albums in Heaven

May 27, 2008

A Journal entry from several days past:

Lightening streaks the sky–a show of lights for sure. I like to believe that God is showing off. It’s quite impressive anyhow. …I am reminded of a memory from childhood.

I always had a childlike faith in God and always knew that He loved me. In fact, He loved me so much that during thunder storms he was taking pictures of me. Yes. Every time that it would lightening, I would pose because I believed, truly believed, that God was taking a picture and the lightening was the flash from His camera. I was so excited during thunder storms because it was my special time to be with God.

Now, I look back and laugh. But could it not be that that child had a better understanding of God’s love for her than most adults? I believe it could be true. As children, there is such an innocence and such a trust…a trust that God loves them through and through.

Then we grow up somewhere in the meantime and pick up a bunch of insecurities, lies, misconstrued ideas of God, and the realization that we are sinful and undeserving of love (which is true, but He loves anyway). Well, as a child–you know that your parents and God will love you no matter what. However, as adults we start to think that love is not unconditional but based on performance (at least many of us do that).

If only we could all receive the grace that God offers through Jesus and accept His love. He is giddy over us, as a friend said this last Sunday at church. He is absolutely in love with us. And I bet you–He does have a photo album of me with pictures of those days when I would pose especially for my God during thunder storms. I bet you that He has a photo album of you too. Next time it lightenings, maybe you could smile just to humor Him (and me). =)

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