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A Taste of Heaven

June 4, 2008

Being among the mountains, something inside me comes alive that remains dormant until ignited by the beauty of God’s creation. I can’t quite place my finger on what it is that excites me about being in the mountains, but there is something very real that comes alive in me–that invigorates me and makes me feel more alive. Maybe it is the beauty and sheer majesty of God’s creation. Something speaks to the depths of my soul.

Rushing river
leading to eternity
pushing forward with force and peace
justice right at it’s feet
I call for you, my King
Fly me home
For this is just a taste
of the most beautiful place
Heaven is at hand
the Kingdom inside me, all around me
while I pass through
may I share with a few
the glory of your majesty
and the joy of knowing you, my Lord
what more could I ask for?
but to love and be loved

I would not say that I’m not alive when I’m away from the mountains– it’s just that God speaks to me in a different way when I am resting in solitude, surrounded by beauty. It’s almost not tangible or explainable…it surpasses my ability to explain…kind of how you cannot explain the intimacy of a kiss without taking away from it’s significance, I feel like I cannot adequately explain my experiences amidst God and His creation. Finding beauty in the world is something that God uses to minister to me and speak to me. While in Colorado, beauty is not hard to find. The grandeur of the mountains speaks to me about the power and strength of God. It’s almost overwhelming, but I love to feel overwhelmed by God.

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