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Hold On and Obey God

June 24, 2008

A journal entry from January:

Meeting a woman of God during a tragic event can change your life.

In light of the circumstances, I was blessed and challenged to see this woman of God offering so much to people she had only just met. With the recent loss of her son, I cannot imagine what she must have been feeling.

I do know, she had the presence of God settling over her with such an impact that it touched me to stand only a few feet from her. She spoke to us with pure grace and conviction… a woman who knows the Lord in and out… who’s holding on no matter what. She grabbed my arm, looked me straight in the eyes and said through tears:

“The one thing I can tell you is to always obey God. No matter what–always obey God. And I’ll tell you, God is going to take you through some hard things, but you obey God. He doesn’t build bridges over things or dig trenches under them. He walks you through them, but you hold on and obey. People might think you’re crazy for what you’re doing, but if God tells you to do it, you better obey Him. You cry out to God–get in a place where you are alone with God and you cry out to Him. And you obey Him.”

I don’t think I’ve ever met a more courageous woman. I can understand now why her son was so passionate for God. Her words seared my heart forever.

May we always be steadfast, Lord. Always.

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