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In Your Blood, LIVE!

July 19, 2008

[Dedicated to those who have experienced the abuses of the enemy as well as other people]

A darker entry, but one of declaration of freedom and liberation from the affairs of the enemy (and people that the enemy uses against you)…

Sometimes you just have to declare the truth outloud and claim the freedom that Jesus has already bought for us.

// Your words have been bitter and cold and I cannot afford to receive anymore of them, and I choose not to receive your criticisms that only lead to the destruction of a soul. I ask the Lord to release me from your grip and the death that comes with your words. I let go of the things that have been spoken over me and I find solace in the love that the Lord has for me. I refuse to believe the lies and hatred that you have spoken over me. My Lord rebukes in love but you criticize and judge out of bitterness and hurt. It spills out of you like venom and I will not let it poison me anymore. I receive only life from the Lord and choose life and freedom.

I plea for His mercy as I know that His kindness is what has drawn me to repentance and continues to. I am broken and know my need for Him. In times of suffering, He pulls me close to His chest, that I may breathe in sync with Him. He is taking me to a deeper romance as He is entrusting a greater understanding of His pains and suffering by means of my own suffering. He is making beauty from ashes.

I refuse to take the sting of your sin and your hatred bubbling out of you. I repel your words that sear and destroy a soul. I receive only the life that the Lord offers me. I receive His freedom. I will no longer be bound in your entanglement of lies, insecurities, wounds, and venom. I will not fall a fool of your mockery. I will not become a puppet you control. I will not let your thoughts become mine. I will not become in the image of you but only of my God. I will not let your bitterness creep into my heart. I will not let my anger rage on past sunset. I will choose to forgive. I will not be clothed in your lies, but my Lord will clothe me with fine linen and silk. I will no longer eat your poison but I will taste of sweet honey from my Lord.

I will rest in the arms of my Lord. He knows my heart and He knows my love for Him. Your thougths about my heart and soul are of no concern to me for they are mere thoughts. But my Lord KNOWS me and my heart. He KNOWS me. I find solace in that. He KNOWS me and LOVES me. His grace is sufficient and He delivers me from trouble. He delivers me from your lies and your harsh words. He delivers me from even your thoughts and accusations. I am free in Him. I am FREE. Like a battered woman whose just realized her abuse and that she is deserving of better treatment, I stumble out verbally beaten, and I realize that I need better treatment. I realize that the Lord held my hand as I desperately stepped into the light. He whispered His love. He held me until I cried and then He held me through my tears. Then He wiped them away and said, “In your blood, LIVE! I said in your blood, LIVE!” //

Please declare this for yourself if need be. I can almost garuntee that everyone experiences the abuses of the enemy to some degree and sadly, the abuses of others as an effect of sin. Receive your freedom and declare it on a mountain top!

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