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I’ve Arrived!

July 19, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

After 16 hours of flying time and more hours in the airport, and an hour’s drive through the mountains….I am finally here in Bundang, South Korea! It’s about 9pm here or 7am Texas time. I already have a full schedule for tomorrow, including a teacher’s meeting! Tara and I are hoping that we won’t be falling asleep!

There is a two week overlap with the teachers leaving, so until they are gone, Tara and I are temporarily staying in a hotel. It’s not so bad but not what we expected. So no settling down in our studio apartments just yet….But any time you travel, you learn that being flexible is the best thing to be! So, I will continue living out of a suitcase with a smile =) Thankfully there is internet in our rooms and an AC unit because the weather here is not much different from Houston–hot and humid! Ha!

The visibility is very poor with all the fog…but it makes the mountains look beautiful as they are silhouetted through a dimmed haze. They are lush with lots of vegetation–it reminds me of the rolling hills in Costa Rica. Of course, down in the city I am among neon signs, swarms of people, and tall buildings…just like you imagine.

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