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a Girl’s Dream

September 9, 2008
Let Him peel back the walls and unravel the deepest desires of your heart…

“Dad, when I grow up, I’m going to build two big mansions with heart windows. One is going to be for all my friends and family to live in, and the other one is going to be for the biggest McDonald’s playground EEVVer.”

Just a little girl sharing her heart’s desires and yet, she spoke with great conviction. I remembered this desire of mine a few days ago and longed for this simple but impossible dream once again. Passing through this life, making our mark, representing God or something else, we leave impressions on those we bump into along the way. I think that this desire is still just as strong in me as when I was a child– this desire to have everyone I love around me (and of course the huge maze of tunnels and slides!).

I think of the places that my feet have tread, the friendships I have made, the acquaintances I’ve passed, the faces I longed to know more intimately, the kindred souls I connected with upon meeting, the sweet memories of all those souls I have encountered, the hearts I dreamed of touching, the hearts that moved me, the bitter and the sweet moments– every part that has been intricately woven.

I thought of how much I long for Eden and the presence of the Lord– the new heaven and earth, the face of the Lord.

I look at this world and the people in it, and I realize that any beauty I see is from God. Any grace, any peace, any joy, any faithfulness, any kindness, anything good, any radiance, any glory– it is all the mark of our Creator. He manifests through His creation.

Thinking over the faces and hearts I’ve known, a sweetness settles in as I experience them all over again. Every soul I have bumped into has some how impacted me in a way that has drawn me closer to God– revealing the nature of God—eventually drawing me into His love.

I think of the grace people have extended…the joy people have shared with me… the tears people have wept with me and for me… the overwhelming love I’ve received… the forgiveness I’ve been given… the servant’s heart–the way someone has cared for me… a stranger’s smile and kind gesture… an intimate’s embrace… a deep, rolling laugh that makes you sore the next day… the extension of a hand… the playfulness… the discipline and rebuke… those who have lead me, carried me, followed me, walked with me… the ones who have known the details of who I am… the ones who cared about my passing thoughts… the ones who understood me through and through…

All of these people have some how revealed a part of God to me that I needed to experience and understand at a heart’s level.

As I walk more with the Lord, His kindness throughout my life becomes more and more apparent– so much so that I am humbled to my knees—having a glimpse of just how kind He truly has been– even as I am so undeserving. He is the kindest I know.

As we are here for a purpose, we need to be fully alive at all times…no matter where the Lord places us and no matter for how long we will be there. We never know what the Lord has in store and who we are supposed to meet. From a simple bus ride to a month stay, to years of commitment somewhere…God always has something in store. Just keep your eyes and heart open.

I think on people and places with fondness, but I also understand that the Kingdom is coming forcefully and we must be moving forward with God. His joy sustains. His purposes prevail. His love overwhelms. His glory reigns. This is what carries me onward. This is what drives me. This is the God who has so lovingly placed me where He wants me and when He wants me…

So, my heart still cries out for God and for people… that they may know the kindness that I have known and that they may bend a knee to the One who has given everything.

The little girl grew up and now she understands that her heart’s desires were planted by the Creator Himself— beautifully, a longing for the King and His Kingdom, full of His people.

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