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they overcame

September 27, 2008

“They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” Revelation 12:11a

I love the depth that the Lord brings in your life… and the commonalities you now share with any sister or brother simply by your walk with Jesus. I found myself being filled with encouragement today as we shared the inner workings of God in our lives–both in the past and today.

I love seeing how God has moved in someone’s life– aspects of God that He has revealed to and through that person. It is so incredibly beautiful. Absolutely breath-taking.

Today resembled one of those movies where you walk in and out of a story being told as the past becomes interrupted by present happenings. I think of Fried Green Tomatoes or Forest Gump… We walked and talked, then the story would be paused for a stop at Buy the Way for a snack and then we’d resume. Once again, interrupted to buy a ticket for the subway and back to chatting again– right at the depth we had left off at.

Intent on the story being unwrapped, a beautiful package of the Lord’s working through the years… we laughed as an older man tried to sell us men’s socks… then back to the story… shwarmas…talking over ice-cream…sitting on a bench outside for an hour… we made our way through Seoul today, looking around and all the while sharing our hearts– sharing what Jesus has done in our lives…proclaiming the testimony of Jesus in our lives.

Weaving in and out, we talked and shared. God is good. We have been blessed to be a blessing… to share the freedom that we’ve received.

…Maybe we’ll have some mint tea tonight and talk some more. 🙂

What is God doing in your life today? What is your testimony today? If you have a testimony from your past but not for today, receive a fresh breath… Who is Jesus to you? Our testimony in Jesus is powerful. This is the most important thing in life– the revelation of who Jesus Christ is and what He has done for you. Do you know Him? Have you spoken with Him today?

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