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seasons change

November 17, 2008

some haikus for fun…

cold toes and red nose
mixed colors mingle with love
fall begins to fade

cozy among friends
hot tea warms me from inside
smiles beam radiance

echoes of Fall remain
laughter drifts into gray skies
crisp air speeds my steps

long silence, chilled air
content. coffee with my Lord.
peace. restoration.

a Psalm or two, praise
the hand that creates, restores
stand in grace, selah

winter beckons rest
shelter from the cold, hide away
in His arms of love

my Lover calls me
from afar He sings to me
yet a whisper, near

i will not hide, no
draw me out, though it is cold
Your love blankets me

in a land, far off
away from home as it is,
passing through this world

foreign, familiar
both alike, my soul decides
in Him, rest secure

snow laden mountains
o gaze of Love, melt my pride
wrap me in your grace

Creator, my Lord
how your hand painted every stroke
woven colors stream

rays of sun streak down
upon land; cries for healing
anoint with Your oil

cascades of winter
mountains, barren trees, gray skies
snow blankets, white grace

though the seasons change
the memories and friendships
their love never dies

together we’ll be
one glorious day, indeed
singing praises, High!

greater purposes
we serve, living for Him, oh
and Living truly

press onward, we will
moving forward with our God
His Kingdom comes forth

like the seasons, too,
shall we all change and transform
live, hand in His hand

kingdom approaching
his Love kindles our fire so
steadfast and faithful

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