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waiting for the rain

June 2, 2009

A storm’s a-brewin’ and the winds a-blowin’. I heard thunder for the first time since I’ve been in Korea (or so I can remember). Walking home tonight, the urge to rest under the security of a wooden deck like the one in Colorado at Pam’s house or the one at the ‘Y’ suddenly came upon me. Low and behold, there she was. Her sanctuary of peace opened to the outdoors all the while shielding me from the droplets of rain that, unannounced, would fall from the sky sporadically.

Rustling trees sang a tune to me as my hand gently caressed the pen under the glow of a soft street light. Shadows danced in the wind and people passed with a quickness in hopes of returning home before the rain showered the land. I, however, rested. For once, I had stopped to remember the sound and smell of a storm.

My thoughts ventured to my days of living in Colorado where I had sat so many nights on that wooden porch at the Admin Building, watching the sun set behind the mountains, leaving a glow of silhouetted peaks. Fading away, the sun would be replaced by the porch lights. Elk drifted past, tending the lawn as they ate away. Chilled and fresh air filled my lungs with such refreshment.

Even now, I sat on that wooden porch, in the middle of Seoul. The air, not so clean, yet the rain brought a freshness. I have experienced God’s rain in so many places… some in more beautiful surroundings but all the same, it brings delight and freshness to my soul.

The smell of the rain makes me think of my time when I first arrived in Korea. It’s an earthy smell, washing away all the dirt and leaving the skies a bit cleaner and trails of yellow dust from the Gobi Desert.

Tonight I rested with the Lord as He stirred up the weather. I longed to be in the mountains or the hill country of Texas, but I reckoned that since God had me here I might as well embrace it and love it. I started to cherish the moment– as one day I will reminisce about my time in Korea–even the big, tall buildings.

It’s interesting how storms take on different character in different places. My memory of storms in Colorado, Texas, Florida, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Korea are all so different. I love how the rain came so suddenly and timely in Florida– 3pm everyday without skipping a beat. In Costa Rica it was very similar only the storms were not nearly as violent and dark as Florida unless they happened at night. I miss the lightening storms in Florida and Texas–especially in the hill country. The rain would linger but the sky would light up with dancing beams of light, bouncing between the clouds with the thunder echoing through the hills. In Houston the skies would turn green and the rain would come down in such heavy sheets that you could not see to drive. In Korea, the rain seems to come more silently, with a heavy atmosphere and big drops of water that wash away the dirt in the city. The sky darkens a little but the rain does not usually stop daily life as it does in Houston sometimes. Instead, rivers of umbrellas wind through the sidewalks and streets of Seoul. In Texas, at times I’d have to hold my umbrella in front of me because the wind blew so hard the rain came straight at you rather than over you. Here, the rain gently rolls in, maybe for a few hours or maybe for a few days and then dries up with the sun and a cleaner sky. Nothing too dramatic. In a land of extremes, I’d expect more intense thunderstorms, but I have yet to experience them in the land of Korea. There is not ever really a ‘thunder’ storm.

I looked up to see the stars, half forgetting that I was in the city. I dismissed the idea of stars before I finished looking up. Instead, I enjoyed the moment. …for this too shall pass and a new season will arrive, leaving only memories of my time in Korea.

Though I miss the outdoors and lush greenery, I am somehow trying to learn to like living in the city. I am forced to search out beauty… it’s here; I just have to look harder. (but I won’t lie, I’ll be happy when God takes me to a more lush environment! ^^ …as someone put it, Korea is a place where character is grown… so the ‘garden of character’ to grow the fruit of the spirit… a season to be pruned and refined… )

Today my school visited a farm to let the children see their cabbage they planted a few weeks ago. It was so wonderful. When I was a kid I used to garden in my backyard… as I’ve gotten older time has not allowed for such outlets. I envied the old women tending the garden and thought of how great it’d be to work in a garden like this–even if it was just for a hobby! I wonder how much it costs to have some of the community land for farming. I think that it’d be so fun to have some land in the city to garden… fresh veggies! mmm…

I actually found some dirt the other day in a pot that was being thrown out. I have been wanting to replant my mint and rosemary as it’s growing like crazy. I carried the pot home and hope to replant them soon! Only, my apartment doesn’t get very much sunlight (a little depressing), and my last rosemary plant died, so I might have to keep it at school and wait to replant it when I move.

So, the rain still hasn’t come, but I am enjoying the cool breeze in my room!

Maybe it’ll be one of those mornings where it’s raining and I just want to sleep in or read a book. Those are my favorite, IF, and only IF it’s on a day I don’t have work. haha

so, G’Night! I must get some rest now lest I have to wake in the morn to a gentle rain that sings me a lullaby!

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