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Diamond Day

September 4, 2009

Vashti Bunyan “Diamond Day”

Just another diamond day
Just a blade of grass
Just another bale of hay
And the horses pass.

Just another field to plough
Just a grain of wheat
Just a sack of seed to sow
And the children eat.

Just another life to live
Just a word to say
Just another love to give
And a diamond day



…Simple vestiges of my past, though I never lived on a farm. The idea of it always appealed to me and I suppose it still does. The profound simplicity of it all and yet the sweat of hard work and rough hands from labor speak of a richness found only in the dirt and grime of toil. Just a blade of grass, yet a miracle of life. Just another life to live and yet we all have a personal fingerprint. God is so intentional. Overlooking the simple, may just be overlooking a miracle.

Seasons come and seasons go. Talking to my roommate I expressed the great sorrow I always experience as I transition from one place to another, and yet the same intensity of great excitement and anticipation comes. Faces I leave, new faces I meet. The new become old friends and new friends come again. I long for a day when we can all be together. Whether it be due to circumstances growing up or the way I’m wired, transition always seems to bring a deep sadness coupled with a jubilant joy.

I find that as the Lord takes us through this life He loves to take us from glory to glory. Since I’ve known the Lord I have yet to experience disappointment in what He has in store for me. I cannot grapple with the fact that He is ALWAYS looking out for my best interest. Whether, in His wisdom He is allowing something painful to happen that He could prevent with His power, or whether His joy consumes me, I find that His love is ever-present and all consuming.

Diamond days. These are days that I have with the Lord. No matter how complex or simple the day proves, one thing I am always certain of is my position before the Lord. His daughter. His Beloved.

Two lives separated by the ocean– it’s a catch-22. On the one hand I can long for my life back home or on the other hand I can go home and long for my life overseas. This always takes me back to contentment. The discipline of being content. The Lord has me in certain places at certain times for certain purposes. I accept this. But not only do I want to accept it, I want to embrace it.

This second round of Korea, I find that embracing my life here is a little easier and yet harder in other ways.

Work has been all time consuming. My season is about decreasing and letting Him increase. In my mind I thought that meant more involvement at church. On the contrary, it meant that a time of intense work was about to be birthed.

Recently I discovered that out of a place of complete exhaustion is when He says to minister. Why? Because I have died and He can work.

With work, comes the fight for time. Time with You, Lord.

My eyes filled with tears as I remembered the sweetness of the hours upon hours we used to have to spend together. I likened it to the first years of a married couple. In those years they have the time to build the foundations of their marriage. In those years they weave their lives together intricately, in such a way with such a strength that the years to come will not tear them apart.

I have realized that my first years with the Lord are similar to this.

O, my Lover, how I have missed You.

I never thought that I’d be so blessed by something so awful. H1N1 has shut down our school for a week… I have finally found the time to rest with Him for more than the little spirts of time here and there. He always makes beauty from ashes. I should have known.

He is the sweetest Lover.

The fragrance of flowers likened to Jasmine fill the room, even penetrating through a stuffed-up nose. The new plants I bought bless me more and more. I am once again amazed by God’s beauty. The air in my house has filled with a fragrance of the Lord’s sweetness. For the length of my time with Him I have escaped the city and rested my head against His chest.

His eyes, His gaze has melted me. I am enamored by His love.

Circumstances change. The world moves madly on. Seasons change. I change. But one thing always remains– His love. His constant love. Oh, my Lover. You have ravished my heart!

My heart bursts with love as I am reminded of His great kindness. The love He had to woo me to Himself. To sweep me up out of my blood and speak life into me. To clothe me and fill me with His love. Oh how those first years wove a beautiful bedrock of love. A love that never fails. A love that cannot be taken away. A love that conquers. A love that breathes life.

He holds my hand. Diamond Days. Brilliance in every day. A simple, mysteriously profound love my Jesus pulsates. To the rhythm of His love, I desire to live.

Take me away, my Lover.

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