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India, where God used even me.

February 22, 2010

My Testimony

Inida 2010

Nothing I can write will encompass the entirety of our trip to India, for there are too many angles, experiences and perspectives to cover, though one theme entangled and wove its way through the entire team and mission trip: the Father’s heart.


“He is jealous for me; He loves like a hurricane; I am a tree, bending beneath the weight of his wind and mercy…”

These lyrics filled the air numerous times, both in serous and light-hearted settings. We left for India wearing the Father’s love on our shirts and on our hearts. We had great expectations and HIS love proved even greater.

Leading up to India I found myself asking God how He would use me and what He had in store for me on this trip. I had been struggling with confidence in a way that I had not struggled with in a long time and a great doubt came over me that God would use everyone but me. Some people encouraged me that I would be used in a mighty way and this was an attack on my identity. I agreed and went forward, covered in prayer, asking God to help me walk in faith rather than fear. God is so faithful to answer prayers.

Before entering Delhi, God started to raise up boldness in me as well as others on our team. During our flight God’s grace poured out as He empowered us to reach out to several of the flight attendants. One of the most powerful moments on the entire trip was when I walked out of the airplane bathroom to find Mina speaking to one of the flight attendants. Suddenly I was invited into a portal of glory as we prayed for this woman’s neck and back pain. God came down and met her need! Her neck and back pain were gone! After discovering that she had one leg shorter than the other, we asked the Lord to touch her and sure enough, her leg grew out! I could hardly believe my eyes and needed her to verify that indeed, she felt a stretching sensation in her leg!

This was the first time for me, personally, to lay hands and see physical healing other than a headache going away. I was so humbled and honored that God would use even me, one who had doubt that He would heal others through me.

God’s love for the people on the flight began to explode as her testimony went out like a sweet fragrance. By now several of the flight attendants expressed a need for prayer and healing. Two other men received prayer and felt the fire of God in their necks and shoulders; one man claimed he was a Buddhist but he wanted the same love of God that healed his back to come into his heart. After praying he began to bubble up with joy and laughter as he felt a burden lifted off of him. I could not contain my own smiles as I, too, felt God’s deep affections for me. How could he entrust me to minister in such a way that would radically touch someone to the core of his being? It was beautiful to see the Holy Spirit at work so effortlessly.

There was so much faith on the plane that several of the flight attendants asked us to stay back after the flight landed so that we could pray for them as well. Our flight set the precedent for the entire trip. We would recklessly pursue healing for others and know that God’s love was thick enough to come down and touch someone here on earth. My personal faith grew to a new level—especially the belief that God would use even me.

Our team held two revival services the first day—one at Last Resort Church and one at the Kuki Church Service. Both of these revival services had a different flavor and our sensitivity needed to be heightened, so we entered into the sanctuaries ready to roll with the punches.

Our team had really congealed over the course of our training and we had only grown closer since the healing outbreak on the plane. We were ready to roll! Some of the ministry was tough, but the team pushed through, worshiping in a way that would shift the atmosphere. We were to be the thermostat, not the thermometer. During these services we witnessed God break out and touch some people deeply. The floor was opened up for sharing words of knowledge and then we were released to pray. On the outside it seemed quite discouraging, but as we pressed in, we began to see God touching individuals. In the end, we saw about fourteen physical healings including stomach and head pain disappear, arm, shoulder and neck pain go, as well as inner healing take place. We were amazed!

After the revival services we headed for the orphanages. The atmosphere of the two children’s homes is very different. Mary Clare’s is much smaller and tight knit with about 20-something children, mostly from Manipur and Myanmar. Grace home is across the city and has a larger number of children, about 105. The culture there is more of a typical Indian culture.

For me, the most beautiful part of the trip was ministering to the children—or should I say the children ministering to me? Upon arriving at Mary Clare’s Home, I was absolutely in awe by the level of faith and depth of relationship that these children had with the Father. We spent time with the kids, hanging out as well as sharing VBS songs and skits. I even had the chance to slip over to the slums with Danny and befriend some of the children living among the trash. This, in itself, touched me deeply. It seared my heart with a compassion so deep I knew that I would one day return to a place like this.

A Most powerful moment came, when on the roof in the middle of the slums, we all began to sing, “Victory” and shouted this prophetic declaration over all of India: “There’s gonna be revival in this land!…” Everything inside of me believed it! There was such an excitement among the adults and the children began to raise their voices as well, sending out these declarations. It was so moving. I could feel the Father’s heart bleeding with excitement and love!

At Mary Clare’s Home we broke up into smaller groups to pray and coincidentally we witnessed one of the children’s legs grow out as another child commanded the shorter leg to grow! Many of the children knew they were sons of the most High, so they prayed with greater authority. The message shared was on empowerment and how God can use children to do mighty things for the Kingdom; this really raised the level of praise in the house—to a level that brought tears to my eyes. I personally prayed with little Rosie and a few other small ones. Their sincere prayers melted my heart. At one point I had to step back and watch as the children zealously prayed for one another. Who was doing the real ministry here?

After being in a small children’s home we left for Grace Home, ready to pour out more love. By now, I was in love with our team and the way God had woven us together. We truly had become one body and every single person had great importance and significance on the team. The thought of going home and not being around each one of these people was a little disheartening, but I knew that living in this kind of love was a taste of heaven.

Our last revival service at Grace Home manifested a great outpouring of healing and love. The praise and the message raised up the level of faith to a place that rendered the heavens to come down. The primise of the message centered around Jesus’ words, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Matthew 19:14). Our team shared words of knowledge and then we individually took two children each to go and lay hands on the sick. We all went into the crowd where some people had come 50km or more just to receive a touch from God. And o, how He showed up. The glory was thick in the house. I was once again so excited when the lady we prayed for confirmed that her leg pain was completely gone after years and years of pain. I was so proud of the children and I was so grateful that God would use, even me. That night we saw about ten physical healings as well as some inner healing. It was a testament of the Father’s love sweeping across His children.

Our trip to India was one of love and empowerment. For me, I realized that God will use a broken vessel, such as myself, to meet the needs of others. The anointing is not for me, but rather to give away and touch others with HIS love. I do not have to perform. I only need to love. God will do the rest, for the same spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead is living inside of me! It’s all HIS grace. It’s all HIS love.

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