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black money in the water

June 17, 2010

a black gusher
oozing out, turning her waters to blood
in the name of greed– wait no, of course not greed.
her life being suffocated, destroyed
her beaches
her shores
her tides and waves
infiltrated with black money
— now debt
i wanted to cry
i did
my Granny wanted to cuss
she did:
“ocean appropriate language. damn, damn, damn.”
what would her waters say?
her fish
her sea life
the two don’t mix
the two don’t dance
the two poison each other
or perhaps we poison the two– our crime in mixing them
she cries as the fish float ashore
birds no longer fly
the colors turn
thick, dark coats
layers and layers
trails of invasion
marshes corrupted with substance not quite mud
grass wearing dark trousers
the waters stand, defenseless
her animals, helpless
and our hands, washed clean of the blood
though tainted with black
perhaps this is her cry
that gusher, shouting
her chance to speak
will someone listen this time?

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