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"The nations will be your oyster."

June 17, 2010

She reached into the cabinet.

“Here,” she directed. “These are for you. I want you to have them.” Her delicate, Korean hands lifted up, presenting a string of pearls dangling and interwoven between her fingers.

Taking off the price tag before I could see, she affirmed me through a smile, “Oh dear, I know that your prayers are more powerful than money. And don’t worry. Not expensive but good pearls.”

She pointed for me to lower my head as to allow her to lock the pearls around my neck. I tried to turn down the offer but she had already made up her mind and defying that would only offend her.

I lowered into a bow and she gently draped the pearls around my neck, locking them, doting, “They look beautiful on you.”

A loss of romance, my relationship with HIM had become tiresome. I missed being wooed and rather in this city always being busy. In her hands were HIS. In her words were HIS. He whispered, “My beloved. My pearl of great price.”

And to think I had gone out in hopes to bless others and pray for people on the streets of Itaewon. Somehow I found myself among another woman who knew HIS love and she kindly shared it with me.

She thanked me and I thanked her. He knew I would never have bought myself a string of pearls. He gave them to me. What a lover.

It was only later that the Lord reminded me of a word He gave me a few years ago before coming to Korea: “The nations will be your oyster, making you into a pearl.”

Lord, You know me. You pursue me. You woo and romance me. Even in the busyness. You draw me into your embrace.

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