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Conversations in K4

June 20, 2011

Here are some cute comments from my students…I think I’ll add to this now and then..


“Miss Wheat, I don’t like Balentine’s Day.”

Really, why not?

“Because I don’t like ballet.” [note: one of my students was wearing a pink tutu that day]


“Miss Wheat I want to marry Mrs. Yu.”[he mentioned this several times]

[later that day] You know that Mrs. Yu is married, right? So I’m sad to tell you that you cannot marry her.

[a few hours later] “Miss Wheat, did you know that Mrs. Yu is married?”


“Oh. Well, I was going to marry her because I didn’t know she was already married.” [looking down at the ground with big sad eyes]


“Miss Wheat, she hit me!”

“I’m not a she! I’m he.”


“Miss Wheat, he won’t play with me anymore.”

Well, did you hit him?




The first time that I set up a handwriting center at center time:

I made sure to state, “No drawing pictures at the handwriting center…”

Minutes later I saw that some kids were drawing on the whiteboards and papers…”I said no drawing at the handwriting center…”

My kids gave me with a puzzled look…

I walked over to the center and they were tracing their hands…”but you said handwriting…”

I didn’t realize I had never used that term before~



not in class– but one of my students:

retold by melody: One of my co-workers shared a most delightful story. His son had taken his shoes off in the car during a recent trip to the grocery store. “You have to put your shoes back on! You can’t go in the store with bare feet.” His mom told him. “But mom! I have kid-feet!” The boy replied.


…more to come…

if only I could remember all their funny comments from the whole year…

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