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Koh Samet

June 20, 2011

Here is something that I had to write for a faculty meeting (yes, a faculty meeting… we were practicing the writer’s workshop from the position of a child)


The sun rays bounced off the water, creating beautiful ripples of shimmering glitter. Semy and I had come all the way to Thailand to relax over our New year’s holiday. The warmth of the day had eased us into a state of relaxation and a mild sleepy coma. We waded in the calm ocean water—so clear I could count my toes.

As we floated in the water we could hear a jet ski off in the distance, skipping the waves at a rapid pace. It created a soothing, rhythmic sound interspersed with the crashing waves. The jet ski was driven by a man with dark, tan skin and with long dark hair. The image has been ingrained in my mind.

We conversed about nothing, completely enamored by the gorgeous landscape around us. We could feel its warmth to our core, as if the beauty itself was seeping into our bones. Our senses were overloaded: the people, the heat of the sun, the smell of sea water, the sand gritted between our toes, the sky so full and blue. My thoughts wandered about, mingled with idle questions like, “What’s your favorite holiday?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Probably Christmas,” Semy mustered up. Our conversations usually remained simple when we were enjoying the waves. We floated in the water for hours, peaceful and content.

In the distance I began to see a jet ski—the same one I had spotted earlier. Only now it was coming toward me and this man was not slowing down. He came ten feet to the left of me so I was not that concerned, just perplexed at why he was entering the swimming area so quickly.

Before I had time to think, the man immediately turned hard in order to stop before making the shoreline. Terribly miscalculated, he turned right into me.

Semy saw me from a distance and winced as she thought I was going to have my head severed.

I did not have time to think—I believe it must have been an angel that pulled me under the water just in time—only to miss the jet ski fly right over me full speed.

I felt the water push down on me and then bubbles seeping up through the water, between my body parts. My heart felt as though it had leapt up into my throat and the pounding began only after I came up and gasped for air.

By the time I came to the surface, the man on the jet ski was gone. I saw his hair waving in the wind. He turned once to look behind him, but never thought twice about coming back to see if I was alive. He kept bouncing dangerously full speed on the waves.

A man in a Speedo who was relaxing on the beach stormed out to the water and shook a fist at the mysterious man. “Are you okay,” he asked. I nodded, but remained speechless. A few locals on a boat nearby yelled something in Thai to the man. I imagine it was not a friendly word.

Semy and I were so thankful to both be alive and well. That frightful moment almost cost me my life! Soon, things returned to normal and the splendor of Thailand once again swept us away like the tide going out to sea.

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