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…first world problems

November 25, 2011

So my roommate has recently been telling me about the latest tag line that is floating around on facebook and we have started to insert it into our own lives. I can’t help but laugh and change my perspective on life when these three words are added to almost any complaint that I have.

I don’t want to take out the food trash…. first world problems.

My internet is taking forever… first world problems.

I ate so much. I have a food coma. ….first world problems.

Oh I don’t want to turn around to look at your picture. I just got comfortable…. first world problems.

The maid can’t come today because she’s sick. We need to do the dishes. …first world problems.

There’s not enough room for all my shoes in this closet. …first world problem.

My nose keeps running. I need nose spray. …first world problem.

The dvd won’t play! My computer is the wrong region. …first world problems.

All my chocolate is at school, not at home! ...first world problems.

Ugh. My iPhone just died. …first world problems.

I just missed the subway. I have to wait two minutes for the next one and it’s cold. …first world problems.

Ugh. Facebook changed their format again! …first world problems.

We just ran out of coffee and I could kill for a fresh cup right now. …first world problems.

The printer just ran out of paper!!! …first world problems.

The cafeteria has the same food– and I just can’t handle pasta day because the sauce is too sweet. …first world problems.

I got a window seat and I really need an aisle seat on the plane. …first world problems.

Suddenly, my life’s problems don’t seem so bad…

And so, I am thankful… for oh so much!!!!

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