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hit the nail with the hammer

February 19, 2012

This Christmas I was home for the holidays for the first time in three years! It was an exciting event, almost too much to handle~ Chrsitmas lights, warmer weather, Texas, family, Tex-Mex… what more could I ask for…

Well, I had my grad paper to write… after having one of the busiest semesters ever, I was totally burned out! I didn’t even want to look at another assignment or my paper.

I opened up my computer several times with great intentions. But great intentions don’t always end with great results. Needless to say, I didn’t get much done.

Leave it to my Granny to give me some advice. Now the third day at her house, it has become obvious to her (and me) that I am clearly not getting anything done and probably won’t. I mean, how could I when the sun was shining outside the way it was… and I was visiting family… and … yah, you get it.

Just when I’m starting to feel that tinge of guilt, my Granny chimes in,

“Just a little advice from your ol’ Granny. You can only hit the nail hard again if you bring the hammer up off the nail. The higher you bring it off the nail the harder you can hit it. Only, don’t bring it off too far or you’re more likely to miss it!”

She sort of trailed off in a laugh and smiled at me.

Now was my time to let the hammer come off the nail. The hammer had been pressed so hard on that nail all semester, it couldn’t possibly push the nail in any further. I needed to come off the nail.

I love when my Granny puts things into perspective. Not only that, but she gave me a warning… yup. And did I heed it? Well, sort of and sort of not.

You see, I and just about my entire class missed the original deadline for when our rough draft was due for our project document. I guess we all came too far off the nail and then when we came down we missed the nail!

Well, now it’s catch up time and I’ve been working overtime to get this thing knocked out.

I can’t wait for the summer when the work will be finished and as my Granny says,

“Take the hammer off the nail and rest.”

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