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“life lessons” brought to you by rotten rice

February 19, 2012

so my eyes are wasted and my brain is dead. i am taking a break from my research paper to share this simple life lesson.

this weekend as semy was visiting to work on grad school and to just hang, we decided to cook rice– one of sem’s favorite food. i like rice but my body seems to like it too much that it packs it in wanting to save it for later, so i usually refrain from the one staple food in korea. (you can imagine how hungry i get sometimes when all we have is kimchi, rice, and some vegetables that are probably fermented as well. thankfully koreans love their meat and i can always get some gogi!)

anyway, so semy went to the pantry to get some rice, which tammi and i had proudly stored in a tubberware container. only, neither of us have actually made rice in a LONG time. apparently we hadn’t even looked at the rice either.

semy opened it up and stared for a second and then squinted her eyes, “hmm, that looks strange.” then she realized the rice was moving around. “that’s really strange.” she called me over and to my horror there were black weevils or some other nasty critters crawling all throughout the rice. they had hatched out of the grains of rice and have been eating through the rice and some how surviving for who knows how long.

the creepy things were going crazy when we brought them out in the light. they were all coming out and moving around and acting a little irritated.

after i got over the horror of it, i thought it was actually kind of neat. my nerdy science side and teacher side kicked in and i thought it would make for a great science station in class so i resorted to leaving them be and would take them to school come Monday.

in case you were worried that semy didn’t get to eat her favorite food, don’t fret, we had more rice hidden away in our pantry that was not rotten and she did not go hungry! =)

the next morning i was making breakfast when i noticed that the rotten rice was still sitting out. i checked to make sure none of those disgusting black bugs had crawled out and low and behold, they were all dead. that’s right. utterly and completely dead. there was no movement. some were curled up and the whole bit looked like death.

in that moment, i had one of those corny spiritual analogies come crashing into my thoughts. you know how we do.

i’m sure you guessed it by now. and if not, then i’ll tell you. the darkness has got to come into the light in order for it to die. 

your sin. people’s sin. evil. darkness. it must be exposed and brought into the light in order for it to go. to die.

that sin you’ve been struggling with– it’s gotta be shared with someone you trust. when we don’t share our struggles, then we only continue to let them live, multiply, and crawl around in the darkness.

need a reference?

” Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”

James 5:16

tonight when i was in the kitchen i realized that as it got dark again, some of the black bugs started to crawl around again. some of them were dead. but there were some left that were coming out when the darkness came back.

this is why it is so important for us to stay in the light and to continually seek the Lord. we are all vulnerable to sin and our past ways. we need accountability in our lives and the wider church body as well.

when we allow our sin to stay in the dark, then we allow shame and guilt to keep us bound. we need to bring it into the light so that we can receive forgiveness and let the old ways die.

so, there you go. a life lesson brought to you by rotten rice.


and another life lesson we learned:

don’t keep rice for more than a year lest you might have some nasty little critters to deal with.

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  1. melody permalink
    February 20, 2012 12:39 am

    whoaaaaaa. that’s good.

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