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the power of vulnerability

February 22, 2012

Okay, this TED talk is seriously one of my favorites! I mean, it couldn’t possibly be the fact that it’s all about being connected and vulnerable… it’s not like “connectedness” is one of my top 5 on Strength Finder or something. Okay, so maybe it’s my NUMBER 1!!!

Anyway, this is a great talk about vulnerability and being connected. You should definitely listen to it and let it bless you and open your eyes to the beauty of being vulnerable and how to have a richer life and being more connected to people around you simply by being more vulnerable.

One of my favorite lines is,

“You cannot selectively numb your emotions…”

This is absolutely true. When you numb yourself to the pain, then you are also numbing yourself to the joys of life. 

You gotta deal with both.

Here is a post that I wrote about my personal experiences a few years ago:

Being Fully Alive is Courageous

I hope you listen to this and that it blesses you!

With no further ado… here is the TED talk:

Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability


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  1. jee young permalink
    March 8, 2012 7:55 am

    You have a signature too!! LOVE IT!! hehehe 🙂

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