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if Mary Poppins had an entire room and not just a bag…

March 20, 2012

If Mary Poppins had an entire room and not just a bag, I promise she’d be like my roommate.

Tammi has this amazing ability to always have whatever I happen to need. From computer cords, keyboard cleaners, Drain-O, and external hard drives to wrapping paper, pens, super glue, hammers, nails for cement walls and more.

I don’t know how she does it, but she does. I won’t even be talking directly to her sometimes and will just be saying something under my breath or mentioning some “problem” I have and then she’ll scurry off to her room. A few minutes later, Tammi comes back with some kind of solution.

I’ve been roommates with Tammi for almost three years now and she never fails. The other day I was absolutely shocked when I mentioned that my sink was stopped up… a few seconds later she disappeared and then came out with Drain-O! As if… haha

Some how she hides away all these things in her room and they magically appear whenever she needs them…  they’re hidden somewhere under her piles. She organizes like my Granny does…in piles and piles. No one else understands the madness of piles except for the person who made them. My Granny  says, “I can always find what I need. It’s when I ‘clean’ my room that I can never find anything!”

Well, all I can say is, I”m living with some far removed cousin of Mary Poppins or something. haha

She’s a problem solver and always happens to have everything hidden away in her room just waiting to appear at the right moment.

It’s an ongoing joke between us now. I just have to laugh and start to say, “Tammi, do you have….???” Almost always, she does. =)

So kudos to all you who organize in piles and keep everything for the “just in case” moments. I appreciate you! =)

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  1. Tammi permalink
    March 20, 2012 8:23 pm

    We truly are a super hero team ^^
    I’m thankful that I have a roommate who reinforces my wacky pack rat habits by happening to need exactly what I happen to keep on hand 🙂 love to you!

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