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scooter Cilantro, how i miss thee.

March 20, 2012

so she’s been abandoned. for three weeks now. just sitting there all alone, in the rain and sun, cold, freezing wind. how could i do it to her? well, let me just tell you, she did it to me. she stopped working! (no, i’m not bitter~ i promise. just heartbroken ^^)

first, she must be texas-born because that girl could not handle the cold weather for anything. she stopped working once winter decided to finally be winter here in korea. so about january, i had to start bumming rides from one of the families (who are my friends of course) that work at my school. thankfully, their ol’ car is still holding up.

the weather started to turn warm earlier this year (instead of snow in march and jackets in april). the weather in korea has been freakishly warm, let me just say. and I LOVE IT! so, the weather started to warm, so now in march i decided to get Cilantro out of the garage. she took a while to start, but i got her working.

after school melody and i had to venture off to grad school so we boarded Cilantro with our books and backpacks and rolling suitcase. it’s quite a stunt and takes some talent to balance us (one of the first times we tried this we nearly fell over and mr. kim who does literally everything at our school — which apparently a lot of korean jobs have “that guy” who does everything– mr. kim even played the drums at one of the middle school concerts…i’m not sure how the school could operate without him) he just happened to be there (since he was directing traffic as one of his daily duties of course) and caught us just before falling over. but, we soon learned the magic of balancing.

well, we got as far as the main road and she started to die. i gave her some gas and we kept going on… then there was this huge hill… and by golly we were determined to make it! she stalled once before we got to the hill and thankfully she restarted.

we started up the hill and once you’ve committed to going up the hill there is no return… i kept giving her gas as she continued to die repeatedly. melody was shouting out prayers in the back and i was speaking life over the ol’ girl. not to mention we were laughing historically! Cilantro ain’t got so much spice now.

once we got to the top of the hill, i let off the gas and she died completely. we cruised down the hill and swerved between cars as we didn’t want to brake… if we did there was no going again. we made it through two intersections before we had to pull over to the sidewalk. she died. there was no give. no sound. dead.

we were on our way to grad school so we parked her and then left, walking the rest of the way to the subway.

and there she has sat. and sat.

today we had a field trip and we passed her. thankfully she’s still there. no one has stolen her. i felt bad for passing by with not even saying hi.

wow, i miss riding. especially now that the weather is getting nicer.

i have recruited a rescue team for thursday and brian is going to try and help me get her repaired. we’re pretty sure it’s not gas… but maybe it’ll be that simple.

either way, i miss riding. there’s nothing quite like riding a scooter. i love the freedom. i can understand why guys love their motorcycles. i get it now. i used to not understand but now i can completely get it. i, too, long for that freedom and thrill of the ride.

i just hope that Cilantro will be resurrected and ready for Spring! i know i am!



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  1. March 30, 2012 2:02 pm

    I LOVE that name, Cilantro! That’s just about the cutest thing EVER. I would get a scooter, but Chicago’s long winter would keep me from riding it for months at a time. I’d probably get a yellow one and name him Turmeric.

    • March 30, 2012 2:30 pm

      thanks, buck! yah, she had to go away for the winter… but i got her up and running again and it’s so great to be back on the road! btw, she is actually red but i named her cilantro because she has spice^^ i would love to see you on a yellow scooter! haha if you come to korea i’ll give you a ride for sure or you can take her out for a spin ^^

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