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you might explode

March 20, 2012

A few weeks ago I got out of the shower and was on to other things when suddenly a loud popping sound came from the bathroom. It was so loud and startling that I was scared to enter the bathroom so I just stood at the door peering in, wondering what the heck was going on in there.

It sounded like pipes bursting but there was no water. It sounded like guns firing, but obviously there were no guns. There was nothing obvious at first.

I went about my business and let it continue making a scene for about 15 minutes when finally the sporadic popping sound ended. I was hesitant but decided to take my chances and go inside the bathroom.

My roommate, being the amazing problem solver she is, decided to check it out with me. I let her do her thing and I just marveled at what it would be like to enjoy solving household problems like she does. Before I knew it, she was climbing up the bathtub and opening up the ceiling.

Finally, I noticed there was a crack on the wall behind the curtain. The walls are made out of marble or granite, supposedly. It’s one of the “fine” features of our apartment complex. Personally, I like the big kitchen and huge windows. =)

Sure enough, several of the tiles were cracked all the way across.

Realizing what happened, we decided that it had to be a build up of moisture behind the walls (seeing as how our vent doesn’t really work– it’s a lame fan). Anyhow, the pressure had been building and building and finally it just blew.

After some recent events with someone, I was reminded of how bad it is to keep things bottled up and to not process your feelings and different happenings in your life. Not that we need to “vent” (no pun intended–harrr…), but we need to be continually keeping our hearts cleaned out– otherwise the pressure might just build to a point that we crack and explode, letting out all the emotional vomit.

This pattern of living is NOT healthy. We need to continually be processing and keeping our heart right before the Lord.

Now I wish this is something I could have said, but of course I couldn’t in so many words. Basically my advice was to let me know sooner next time and not wait 8 months. Thankfully none of it was personal (to me anyway), but I was reminded from this experience that I need to keep my heart in check.

Have you checked your heart lately? Are you processing and keeping things cleaned out?





See the crack below:

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