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scam or just missing a minor detail?

March 30, 2012

We were ready for break! KTX tickets, check. Hostel, check. Packed, check.

Upon arriving at the Busan Station we found the information booth and asked them to look up our hostel so we could get directions for the Taxi. Conveniently, he spoke English, but not so convenient, he couldn’t find our hostel listing.

I pulled out the paperwork that proved I paid 15.00$ already and he called the phone number. Wrong number.


Okay, so he sends us to another desk to translate the directions…not sure why he couldn’t have done it… but there are a lot of things I will never understand about this country.

We got our directions translated even though she also could not find the hostel in the computer. Hmm….

The taxi driver kindly drove directly to the spot our directions prescribed. However, I think that he looked even more puzzled than we did as we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of three  towering buildings of the posh apartment complex right by the beach.

Yup, that’s the picture on the paper I had printed off. Hmm…

The taxi driver got the security guard who got a desk worker that happened to speak English which was very convenient but she so inconveniently told us that there was no hostel. “You are scammed…F*** Busan!” Okay, that’s not quite how we felt, but good shot at using your English?

The lady was very kind and called another guest house for us, booked it, and then gave us directions. It just happened to be a two minute walk (though in her mind she thought it would take 10 minutes…Busan time…).

To our surprise, we were in another apartment complex….this time we had the room number: 306. We were buzzed in and found ourselves in a comfy apartment that was turned into a hostel.

Now, after realizing this… we could not conclude if we were scammed or if the Beach Ladies Hostel just didn’t give us enough information or did not update their phone number.

I figure, staying in hostels, its bound to happen that I get scammed…I just never would imagine it to be in Korea of all places!

We laughed it off and only lost fifteen bucks; it makes for a good story and in the end we had a great guest house. Marina Guest House? We never caught the name…. haha





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