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i appreciate art.

March 31, 2012

i love to stumble across creative artists and musicians. i’ve recently found a few while looking through some blogs.

this song is very moving and has such raw lyrics. sometimes you can just get lost in music and this is one of those songs.

Two Sides of Lonely by: Zach Williams and The Bellow

One of my favorite bands is Over the Rhine because they have such raw lyrics and Karin’s voice is just so amazing. They’re a couple that write music together and travel around the States doing tours. I once got to hear them in Houston at a quaint little bar called the Mucky Duck. It was one of the most intimate concerts I’ve ever been to. They really know how to make their fans feel like they know you and you know them.

Here are some musicians I just discovered who like to collaborate with other artists: Rend Collective Experiment

when i was in college (undergrad), i didn’t realize how much time i had….mostly because i didn’t sleep! i was such a night owl and would stay up late into the night, writing, surfing the web, discovering new music… letting the creative juices flow. i find that at night is when i tend to be the most creative.

when i moved to korea and started life as a contributor to society, working full time, i found that i couldn’t stay up as late anymore…partly because i was getting older but mostly because i was teaching four year olds who sucked up all my energy! it wasn’t like i could just sit in a lecture and take a cat nap between classes or job shifts…no…i have to be active ALL day and give 100% to these kids because they demand it!

so naturally, i had less and less time to be creative (other than in my classroom)…just “me time”…i journaled less and less…i took less time to process life as it happened…less time to play flute… i stopped having creative journals and when i actually did write i stopped taking the time to write poetry or draw…

i think it’s just the life of an adult working full time.

i’ve been trying to get back to that side and tend to the creative juices that be…. creativity takes time and an environment of grace to allow for process.

anyway, all this to say… i’ve been surfing the web, finding art and music that inspires… and i am hoping to make more time for creativity to flow.

i don’t think you have to be the most talented person to be creative. just express yourself. the rest will come.

Here are some other great finds~

Impossible Photography by: Erik Johansson

This is one of my favorite photos of his… I just love that his images spark so much imagination.

Here are some realistic drawings that will leave you in awe:

Paul Cadden

May we all inspire one another to let our imagination and creative juices flow…

Post a comment of something that inspires you~

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