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caucasian hair is different from korean hair

April 3, 2012

I don’t like getting my hair cut in Korea. It’s simple– Korean hair is different from caucasian hair and the stylists never know how to cut my hair. [and let’s just say, I’ve had some friends who have had some horrible experiences…like getting their hair totally fried because the chemicals for Koeran hair is a lot stronger since the hair shaft is thicker than caucasian hair] So, I usually wait until I go to the States.

Well, I was home for Christmas and went to the hair salon. Ironically… the stylist that served me was Korean! I’m not even kidding! I had a great time connecting with this woman and it was actually endearing to talk to someone who knew where I was living.

But, as I’ve experienced in the past…. my hair cut was not that satisfying and I laughed it off because it was just so ironic that the very situation I was trying to avoid some how found me.

Returning to Seoul, I gave in and got my hair cut over Spring Break. I thought I’d try a place where a lot of my friends (white friends to be specific) have gone. I figured I might as well since going home doesn’t seem to produce a better cut either.

The hair salon was quaint and comfortable. It was run by two Korean men  and and frequent cutomers came by to say, “Hi,” which made me feel better. The floors were covered in hair and piles of magazines lined the counters– it was not tidy and well swept like a lot of hair salons in the States. It felt like I was in a small town salon.

To my surprise, my 15,000krw (roughly $15.00) hair cut turned out to be great! He actually knew how to cut myhair! I was shocked and very happy! So, I finally got a decent hair cut for the first time in about three years!

AND…did I mention, he speaks English?!

So my conclusion… I would go again (which is saying a lot!). =)

If you’re interested:

Sophia Beauty Shop

Min (the hair designer)


Open 11AM-7:30pm (Closed on Sunday)

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